Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients, performing hundreds of roles in the body and helping protect bones, heal wounds and bolster your immune system.

The importance of a healthy diet

Vitamins and minerals are key nutrients your body needs to function, but your body can’t make them.

So, it’s important to obtain enough for your daily needs from your diet.
Experts agree the best way to get the nutrients we need is through food. But apart from breast milk as a food for babies, no single food contains all the essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy and work properly.
For this reason, our diets should contain a variety of different foods.

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How to get enough vitamins and minerals

A healthy diet should provide you with the right amount of energy to maintain a healthy balance. Ensuring you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals is another issue entirely.

While the body needs calories to carry out everyday tasks such as walking and moving about, it needs vitamins and minerals to keep its vital systems functioning as they should and ensuring your body has the right balance of chemicals and hormones to stay healthy.

A balance of nutrient-dense foods is recommended. Avocados, kale, spinach, peppers, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, berries, yoghurt, eggs, seeds, pulses, oily fish and lean meats are all great sources of the vitamins and minerals we need every day.

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Supplementing your diet, the natural way

There are many reasons why you need to take vitamins. Women should take Folic Acid daily when pregnant or trying to conceive. You will also benefit from nutritional support if you have a vitamin deficiency, with Vitamin D and Vitamin B being the most common.

Ensuring you get the right vitamins and minerals can also help to slow many age-related issues, including macular degeneration and problems with your skin, teeth, hair, bones and finger nails, all of which start to deteriorate the older we get.

Vegetarians and vegans should take vitamin B12 and may also need an iron supplement. If you’re worried that your diet might not be providing the vitamins and minerals you need to stay happy and healthy, our range of natural, nutritional supplements can help make up any shortfall in your daily diet in order to enhance your wellbeing.

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